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How To Get Here & Location Details

Welcome! This short video below will show you exactly where to go regarding finding Mentor Dom's Home Studio.

Public Transport 

Assuming you are coming from Stockholm City, a regular commuter train and then a bus takes you straight to the front of Årsta Säteri Estate. The journey takes between 1 to 1.5 hours (it really is best to come by car).


1) Train: Take the 43 / 43X from Stockholm City to Västerhaninge Station (approx. 35 minutes).

2) From Västerhaninge Train Station take the Bus 846 from Platform E towards Årsta Slott (approx. 25 minutes)

3) Get off at the Bus stop Årsta Slott, then walk 250m to the Home Studio entrance (approx. 3 minutes).

(Simply repeat the process but in reverse in order to get back to Stockholm City). 

Note: If I have the availability / time, we can organise so that I pick you up from Västerhaninge Station by car. 


Dom_2023_01_28-82 (1).jpg

 Waiting For The 846 Bus... 

Massage / Coaching /
1-2-1 Sessions Home studio

Address: Såterivägen 1, 136 91, Haninge

The exact location is the Upper floor of the Stable House, next to and in front of the large Horse Barn. It is clearly marked with signs and you have to go up the stairs behind the House to reach Mentor Dom's Home Studio room. Please feel free to arrive early and rest and settle down in the 'Waiting Room'. Wait there until Mentor Dom greets you.

Dom_2023_01_28-78 (1).jpg



 Waiting Room 

 Consultation Room 


 Work Room 


 The Stable House 

Training / Camps / Classes
Events Headquarters:

Address: Sågladevägen 1, 137 95, Haninge

Important! The exact location is NOT the Villa listed as the address (a domestic residence that does not want to be disturbed) but the area next to and parallel to it crossing the Sågladevägen road. You will see there three Shipping Containers (one red and two green ones) and a large Mongolian Yurt (the round tent like building).


This is where Personal Training sessions happen (in a gym inside one of the containers!) and also the group events and camps. There is room for parking your car next to the containers and also on the side of Alvstavägen road also (making sure to not block the free passage of other vehicles by parking properly). Just call Dom if you are confused.


 Villa (No Access!) 


 Path To Training Area 


 Training Area / Gym 

 Mongolian Yurt Space 

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