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How we work together  is based on who you are and what you need. I happily work with; individuals, couples, small groups, businesses, teams, in events, private occasions etc. The best solution is always to have a conversation so I can customise my work to fit you.

By showcasing such a wide variety of sessions to you, I hope to spark your imagination and hope, that in working with me, we can truly engage in many beautiful and valuable experiences together - all of which will serve you on the quest to grow and facilitate positive change in your life. Much can be achieved in one or two sessions, but the best results happen when we commit to a program together. This is when a much more comprehensive and creative approach can be taken, and the plan becomes more customised to you.


For clarity and standardisation, I have broken down my services into a concise, categorised and generic list. To help you decide what to pick and what you want and is most appropriate to your goals. After our initial contact, or the first session has been completed we can always discuss a more customised and tailored approach to apply in future sessions.

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