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Expeditions / Retreats / B2B

There are many reasons why this dramatic and full-on approach could be appropriate. Maybe you want to invest time to exit the rat race (temporarily) and relax your body and mind and improve your health? You may have a challenging or stressful time behind you, or you may desire an opportunity to completely switch off and recharge. You may be undergoing a period of change and want support. You are possibly preparing for something truly epic and need a solid team-mate.

Whatever your situation may be, these programs are available for everybody who wants to travel deeper, go 'all-in', and demands more severity, space and stillness in a truly supportive environment to undergo the required stimuli and changes. These experiences could be alone, with a selected group of others, or a publicly open retreat that Mentor Dom is facilitating. They could be local or far away. They could be truly restful and restorative... or brutal and intense. These experiences range in style and outcome objectives... and can also be completely individualised to meet your imagination.

Whatever the story - massive action is usually the best solution.



Heroic Expeditions


Explaining an Expedition​

Expeditions are one of the most unique and powerful ways Mentor Dom serves others. Expeditions take place potentially anywhere in world or by default in the pristine and beautiful countryside of Austria - where I have a home. Now, let me explain.  We take ourselves, or a small group, through a powerful journey filled with training, connection, adventure, and activity. The purpose of expeditions are not about learning loads of new tricks, or storing lots of new information - it is, rather, a deep and simple back to the basics, achieving mission objectives, grounding in nature and embodiment and avoiding distraction. 


With care and compassion, and in the spirit of co-creation and communion, so that you can connect to the deepest and highest level of self, nature and one other. We utilise the forces of nature, its elements and apply effective systems of training, teaching and therapy to make this happen. Far removed from your relentless day-to-day routine and responsibilities, and far away from all the noises and distractions of the modern world, and the incessant curse of your smartphone and matrix obligations -you will finally have the chance to travel deeply into yourself, and find that indwelling clarity and strength. 


During the expedition, the truly transformational, empowering and 'deeper work' has the time and space to take place. Expeditions are an organic and authentic undertaking, which, if earnestly and passionately completed, have the power to cause great change and profound progress on one's path of self-mastery and self-empowerment. This is known as ‘self-initiation’ across all cultures. Expeditions are both fun and serious, enjoyable and challenging, invigorating and exhausting. People many states and emotions whilst on an expedition. This is all part of the process, and it is important for you to understand this is not a 'holiday', but a purposeful and strong quest. Quests have a habit of demanding effort and energy, and occasionally some blood, sweat, and tears. In essence expeditions are pure alchemy, enabling man to overcome and transform himself.​


Seasonal Wellness Retreats

Grow your nature & expand your creativity, one season at a time.


The intention of the seasonal wellness retreats is to support you in recharging and upgrading your batteries and to help you nourish your body, mind and spirit in a safe and natural space. You will return to your daily life and responsibilities with greater levels of clarity, inspiration and renewed energy.


The concept is simple: you take a step back to take a greater step forward. You retreat in order to return - sleeping better, breathing more deeply, feeling stronger, thinking more clearly and moving more freely. It will not just be you who benefits. By ‘filling yourself up’, you can, in turn, be a better, brighter and more positive human being for your family, friends, colleagues and community.


Through a harmonious and engaging fusion of yoga, nutrition, meditation, relaxation, creative exercises, dance and exploration of nature - your life-force energy awakens, creating space for deep insight and healing. Mentor Dom and his team commit to sharing methods that work for every human being.​ It is so simple. We align ourselves to the cycles and seasons of Nature, the Primordial Truth.



Holistic wellness services can be an important part of keeping your employees healthy and your organisation running at best performance. If you refer your employees, you want to be able to trust that the service and program given will be appropriate and individualized for the employee.   


Mentor Dom offers a variety of general wellness classes and services to keep your employees healthy and Office Wellness and fitness classes for common issues seen in 'desk-dominant' employee populations such as low back pain, hip and knee issues, upper back neck and shoulder issues, chronic stress, anxiety, and sleep issues. These issues can be treated.


Other educational and interactive programs that can be included for improving the overall human health and well-being including changing habits around; diet, exercise, sleep, breathing, time management, use of electronics and other habits that impact holistic health. All of this can be taught and presented in a fun and engaging way to your people. 

Services Examples: 

  • On-site, Hybrid & Zoom Options For Individual Class or Class Series.

  • On-Site, Hybrid & Zoom Options For Corporate Special Events.

  • Webinars or Online Classes​

  • Office Yoga & Meditation

Contact Mentor Dom to discuss your interests, needs and pricing options. We are here to customize your experience.​

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