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Over the years of both learning and teaching classes and combining different practices for enhanced outcomes effect, Mentor Dom has designed a vast list of classes he has written scripts for. These classes vary in style, effect, mood - and are specifically created to cause a positive effect on the human being. Scroll through the list to get a feel for the possibilities. Each class can be written based on your individual brief also. 

Explore the options below.


classes - available Styles & Scripts


Kundalini Yoga 

Kundalini yoga is a simple yet potent spiritual science/ embodiment practice that can expand the heart, increase your awareness, willpower and healthy energy flow. 



Dhyana Yoga

Dhyana means meditation and there are so many benefits of this practice. Through meditation you can significantly improve your mental and emotional health and ultimately your entire quality of life. 


Pranayama Yoga

Pranayama means the regulation/ control of the rate, rhythm, and depth of the breathing. Via various techniques you can cause many beneficial and healing effects in the body and mind. This can affect your state of being, expand consciousness, transform emotions, and accelerate healing.


Hatha Yoga

Hatha can be translated as 'the wilful practice of merging opposites'. It will create balance and harmony in the entire bio-system. Practically speaking, this is a mindful movement practice consisting of various postures with breath control.


Powerful yoga fitness class with elements from martial arts and breathwork. Feel the burn! By combining simple yoga, qi gong and gong fu, bodyweight exercises and breath-work into one potent program, this class will push you to your limits and help you forge a stronger body and mind. This class is intentionally intense and cathartic, so if you push through and persevere - you will get many benefits. In the fire of the forge, you will burn away; stress, anxiety, fat, fatigue, and toxins. You will realize that you are stronger than you think you are.


CrossFit Yoga

Practical yoga class with added functional movement and mobility work to help your CrossFit.  CrossFit is the scientific pursuit of fitness and fastest growing sport. Yoga is complementary to all sports and all athletes, and improves overall performance and function. CrossFit and yoga belong together. This class combines elements from yoga, functional bodyweight training, mobilisation drills, and dynamic and developmental flexibility training into one sequence. This will improve your all round fitness, help prevent injuries, and improve your CrossFit.


Yin Yoga

Yin is the passive, receptive, feminine principle of the universe, associated with earth, cold, darkness, and surrender. This yoga practice focuses on deepening our body awareness and 'inner listening', releasing stress, giving space for relaxation and grounding, and softening the body. This is a calm and restorative yoga class, designed to help you slow down with slow breathing, deep long lasting stretches and guided body scan relaxation.


Yang Yoga

Yang is the active, 'masculine' principle of the universe, associated with heaven, heat, light, and action. This yoga practice focuses on pushing ourselves, form based drills, muscle contraction and powerful breathing. This will increase our energy, strength, willpower, and inspiration. This is a vigorous and energetic practice that fuses yoga, qi gong, bodyweight training and isometric holds. ​

Nidra Yoga

Nidra means sleep in Sanskrit. It is basically the practice of deep relaxation, slowing down and 'letting go'. This practice is like a deep sleep while you are still awake and mostly consists of lying down, guided visualisation and body scan relaxation. This practice deeply regenerates the body and being. 

Outdoor Resilience Bootcamp

This outdoor fitness workout combines Wim Hof breathing, jogging, running, yoga, and simple bodyweight exercises in a fun and dynamic way. The purpose of this boot camp is to; feel happy and alive, boost our immune systems, breathe the fresh air, and generally keep fit and healthy. This class happens outside and in all weathers, so please dress appropriately and bring only what you need.

Magic Meditation Method

We meditate to try and get the most out of life. So we can stay sane, conscious and aware. We meditate for many reasons and benefits, but mostly to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear, emotionally calm and stable state of being. In order to manage and cope with the complexities and demands of the modern world, meditation science is an absolute must for all smart people. Meditating in a group under guidance is often far more enjoyable than doing it alone. We will practice various meditations ranging in style, tradition and purpose to harness the whole field.

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