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Capturing The Living Craft


As the old saying goes - "a picture speaks a thousand words". In this page I have collated some of the photographs I have accumulated and collected over the years on my hard-drive, that bring back good memories of good moments. I hope that this visual page adds a layer of realness, depth, aliveness and beauty to this website and in so doing, captures the essence and 'feeling' of the work. I have broken them down into the various working categories, adding order to this broad subject of 'Holistic Health Mentor' in all its expressions. All photographs have been taken and used with consent. 

Personal Training / Exercise Instruction

(the physical and movement aspect of the practical work)​

Life Coaching / Health Assessments

(the mental and social aspect of the theoretical work)​

Massage Therapy / Body-work

(the recovery and corrective aspect of the therapeutic work)​

Yoga Therapy / Energy-work

(the healing and energy-flow aspect of the therapeutic work) 

Fitness / Yoga Classes

 ​(the various expressions of group classes of the work)

Events / Camps / Retreats
(the various 'full immersion' group experiences of the work)

Mentor Dom Personal Photos
(the highlights of Mentor Dom along his journey of the work)

Enjoy the Photos and I hope it gives you a good impression of all the wonderful and useful things we can do!

Personal Training /

Exercise Instruction

Life Coaching /
Health Assessments

Massage Therapy /