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What is online Mentoring?


Online mentoring is mentoring that takes place over the internet versus in-person. It can be done via a video or audio connection, or even through a messaging platform. Some mentors opt to mentor individuals through 1:1 sessions; others work with groups.


Mentoring online can be held across a series of platforms—like Facebook groups for posts, Zoom for video conference sessions—or take place in centralized micro-communities, which provide a dedicated space for mentoring and for members to foster natural connections with each other. And even via livestreaming within an online community.


Does online mentoring work?


Online mentoring can be just as effective or more effective than in-person mentoring. It sometimes takes some experimenting to figure out whether in-person, online, or a hybrid works best for you, whether you’re a mentor or a client.


Is online mentoring better than offline mentoring?


Online mentoring isn’t necessarily better or worse than offline mentoring—it’s a matter of personal preference. There are many advantages to online mentoring, however:

  • Without geographical or timezone limitations, mentors can expand their client base quickly.

  • There’s little to no overhead involved—an online mentor just needs the internet and a device to connect with to get started.

  • It’s more convenient for clients since it eliminates travel time and the need to find childcare for an appointment.

  • Mentors who use purpose-built platforms can add extra value for clients by providing additional content to reinforce what’s learned in mentoring as well— and opportunities.

What is an online mentoring business?


An online mentoring business is when a mentor takes their practice online and conducts meetings with clients virtually instead of in-person.


Many mentors start out by creating a Facebook group and using Zoom or other video conferencing software for meetings. But there are also platforms that are purpose-built for online mentoring and courses—and fostering a community between the people who participate in them. It’s not just video and audio conversations, though: On platforms like Mighty Networks, group mentoring can also include breakout groups, livestreaming, direct & group messaging, and tie into other content that supplements the mentoring.

What is online mentoring? Is online mentoring good? What are the benefits of online mentoring? Is online mentoring better than offline mentoring? A constant jumble of all such questions within your mind is completely justified. You may be a graduate and might be looking for online mentoring for masters or you may be a school-going student looking for your regular mathematics or science classes, you can always get access to online classes. Online mentoring simply is a way of sharing knowledge through the internet with the use of online teaching apps and software. It provides you uncountable benefits if compared to offline mentoring.

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